You are on a mission in Iraq with your squad, slowly walking down what appears to be an abandoned street in the dusk; your eyes are peeled for the slightest movement. Although you can’t see any “bad guys” the feeling you are being watched is palpable. You can hear your heart beating through your uniform. Then it happens. An IED explodes, a few of your buddies scream, you rush over to them. One is dead, his entrails hanging out of his torn abdomen, the other is screaming in pain as his mangled leg is just a piece of torn flesh from the knee down. As you attempt to render aid shots ring out from the building windows on one side of the street, hitting your other mate who had taken off his helmet to render aid, his brains splattering all over the Old Glory patch on your sleeve.

After the dead and injured are pulled out of the line of fire, you enter the building, up the stairs, adrenaline rushing, fear, you throw a grenade in the room where the insurgents were firing from. After the explosion and the smoke clears you, and the remaining company, rush in. Four insurgents are there, white flag in hand, arms raised; a fifth terrorist at the window gets off one last shot, striking a wounded U.S. soldier on the street, you rifle butt him in the side, he crouches in pain, and then slowly raised his hands.

After securing the prisoners you rummage through the computers and papers on the floor, your interpreter reads one of the papers entitled “Rules of Engagement for All Jihadists Engaging the Satanic American Forces” Your interpreter continues to read…”Although it was suggested in the past that you blow yourself up for Allah, this is no longer necessary. You can live to fight again for the cause, and kill more American devils, even if captured. After inflicting as much death, damage, and pain on the infidels you are now ordered to surrender. Put your hands in the air and, if available, waive a white flag at the last possible minute. However, you are to try and get off as many shots and inflict as much death and suffering as you can prior to surrendering.

Be aware that NOTHING bad or uncomfortable will happen to you if you surrender. There is no need to give up any information to the enemy and you are ordered not to reveal anything. We have been certainly advised by our cells in the U.S. which are following the U.S. Media, the U.S. President’s statements, and the U.S. Attorney General, that you will probably be put in a prison, given at least three Islamic friendly meals a day, get good sleep, not be questioned in any way which is too harsh; eventually you will be released to join the cause again. Remember too that a Koran MUST be provided to you, so don’t be concerned about honoring Allah or being able to say your prayers while in captivity. Remember also to immediately request a lawyer, preferably something Satan’s country calls an “ACLU” lawyer.

You just shake your head, shrug your shoulders and ask yourself: what is this world and our country coming to? However, a mission is at hand and you have to get your m en out of there. Upon starting to exit the building you hear footsteps, many insurgents are coming up the street towards the building en masse. You shove the prisoners away as they run out onto the street to their comrades who are now firing upon you and shooting rocket propelled grenades at the building. Explosions and debris flying everywhere, you and five remaining soldiers in your squad look with fear into each other’s eyes, knowing you are totally outnumbered and have been ambushed.

You remember what you were told: Whatever you do, DO NOT SURRENDER. Your officers advised in briefings to fight to the death because, unlike your adversaries’ treatment and ability to surrender, if YOU are captured you are going to be beheaded on Al Jazeera TV for propaganda purposes, held in captivity and tortured, or have your genitalia cut off and burned and dragged naked through the streets. These visions cross through your mind as you continue fire, gripping your rifle tightly, as thoughts of your loved ones pass through your brain as well.

Your squad mates, already hit, are moaning in pain next to you as you get struck with a grenade fragment ripping into your calf, then a shot ripping open your shoulder. You fall on your side, your vision hazy, your blood trickling on the sidewalk, your last thoughts form as you start to lose consciousness, and a card falls out of your pocket onto a sidewalk in your blood. It is titled “Miranda Warnings to be Read to All Captured Insurgents in the Iraq and Afghanistan Overseas Contingency Operations.” Your thoughts turn t your family and loved ones as a tear slides down your cheek. As your life starts to ebb away you can hear the sounds of shots and explosions getting closer.

You just hope, with your final thoughts, that you will not bring dishonor to your family when you are posthumously written up in the report of this mission for committing War Crimes: You didn’t read the terrorists their Miranda Rights after restraining them and taking them into custody, and you rifle butted one of the, breaking several ribs, when you were not in imminent fear of death. You are, after all, according to your own country a war criminal.

Then your last thought as your labored breathing ceases…”What a sick, ungrateful nation I died for.”




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  2. You do realize that the only people that are going to potentially be tried for war crimes are the people that authorized the torture, not the people who carried out orders.

    Good fiction though!

    • sparkyholden

      You do realize that you use “torture” as if there is some settled legal definition of the word. That term has evolved in history, as well as evolved even during the two terms of the Bush Administration. So don’t start with a conclusion of the “people that ordered the torture” when it is not even clear legally what that means. Or you can do what most are doing, and what you did with your rhetorical question you posed, just conclude, without legal basis, that “torture” was ordered. If people were so concerned with due process rights of U.S. citizens as they are with suspected terrorists due process rights we might actually be able to have an intellectually honest debate. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

      • fsudirectory

        We killed Japanese and sent our OWN soldiers to prison for the same crimes.

        So are you saying we should post-humorously tell them sorry for putting them in prision?

        Also, the legal memos were contrived to make those procedures legal. Memos of detractors were thrown away and detractors canned. That doesnt sound like it was a fair process of determining what was legal or not.

        This story here is a big buncha bs of slippery slope logic.

        These people are POW not regular citizen criminals and no one wants them to be pampered. The problem is where they are having their balls hooked up to electrodes and waterboarded.

        How can you justify 183 waterboarding sessions? Like John Stewart said… after 90 times, i dont think he thinks hes going to drowned.

        Enough high quality brass has stated that torture did not help and actually had a negative effect globally on the US as it became effective terrorist propaganda.

        I would love to tie these guys up and kick them in the nuts and waterboard em, but that doesnt gather quality information, thats for shits and giggles.

      • sparkyholden

        Yours like Jack’s was a sane and reasonable response, and I liked the “shits and giggles” part….lol. I just happen to disagree, I think that we sit in our ivory towers or on our couches, and make something simple that is really not. Thanks for the post.

  3. Matt Silb

    You somehow failed to allow my comment. Yet you respond to me personally.

    Here is my second response, are you able to publish it?

    >The current debate is whether combatants get the same due process rights as people arrested on the streets of New York City, which is what people like you want.

    No, the context is whether they get the rights of a criminal or of a POW.

    >Its a fucking war idiot

    Then they are POWs moron.

    >Too much for your brain to take in, I know, but get out of your little shell and think a bit.

    I get the feeling that you actually think that personal insults are a legitimate substitute for logic or fact.

    • sparkyholden

      Whether they get the rights of a criminal? What are you nuts? Do you know anything about law? Did the Nazi’s we captured get the rights of “criminals” in the U.S.? Do terrorists we capture get read their Miranda rights? A whole different set of rules e.g. Constitutional rights or “non-rights” apply that you have no idea about.

      I did mispeak though, its not a war its an “overseas contingency operation.”

      And lastly saying “systematic torture” is already legal conclusion. What is torture is a matter of law, not what you “kinda sorta think” because you don’t like something.

      • Matt Silb

        I’ll try again. They should be treated *either* as criminals or as POWs. Your stupid story utterly ignored that. You made up nonsense that showed either a profound ignorance of the issues or a deep dishonesty in presentation. Nothing in this on-going issue has to do with the rules of engagement, but you made that the issue in your story.

        >Did the Nazi’s we captured get the rights of “criminals” in the U.S.?

        They were treated like POWs and given the rights of POWs. And they were not waterboarded nor any other kind of torture and we got information out of them. The people who interrogated captured Nazi generals are horrified at our use of torture. Read this article if you were doing something other than trying for a propaganda point: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/10/05/AR2007100502492.html

        >And lastly saying “systematic torture” is already legal conclusion. What is torture is a matter of law, not what you “kinda sorta think” because you don’t like something.

        We listed waterboarding as a war crime when we tried, and sometimes executed, Japanese war criminals. The FBI was against it, the Army and Navy and Air Force was against it. But the Chickenhawks liked it.

      • sparkyholden

        I wasn’t suggesting that you said ONLY criminals. I saw the “OR” in there. I was mocking your suggestion that this even be considered as an option. Fly them into lower Manhattan for a trial, from the battlefield. My fictional story is the logical extension taken to the extreme of treating them like “criminals.” That was the point.

        You can’t treat them as POW’s as there is no actual declaration of war, and they do not wear the uniform or are of any one country that war can be declared on. Therein lies the problem. And I am glad you know for a fact that we never tortured any Nazi in captivity. I do not claim to have researched that issue. I think we just shot a few after they surrendered. I myself have used the word “war” in its common vernacular not meaning a specific declaration of war if we want to be technical.

        And I really think we should prosecute any living members of the Truman Administration for dropping an atomic bomb, specifically on a civilian population intentionally, a clear war crime. Would you agree with that?

        Lastly, we send drones over a soverign country, (Pakistan) who we are not at war with, drop bombs, and in the course of killing some “suspected” terrorists (they haven’t had their day in court yet) we also kill innocent civilians, this is quite simply murder. Obama has continued this practice, are you in favor of possibly indicting him for war crimes after he leaves office, along with Bush on this count also? Or do you want to start before he leaves office? Its technically a violation of international law, common law of murder..after all the U.S. doesn’t murder people. Right?

  4. jaike

    Slib is 100% right dude.

    Your story is utter bullshit. The dems dont want to give terrorists Miranda Rights, they just dont see the need in torturing people (yes legal definition what we did was torture, there is no two ways about it as much as you would like to think).

    We had top brass state that torture was ineffective for gaining pertinent information and numerous reports of us torturing to attempt to find an Iraq-Al Queda link prior to Iraqs invasion.

    This story is a bunch of nonsense propaganda that sounds like you are auditioning for a spot on FOX or job with Rove’s company. It is by no means informative or accurate and actually its a good work of fiction (which normally makes for good propaganda).

    The only people that wanted to torture people was Cheney and Rummy to find a reason to invade Iraq. Legal memos were drafted with that in mind, and ones that were against it were tossed out and people fired.

    You are on the losing side of this argument.

    Like I stated above. If I wanted to get my rocks off on some assholes like these, i would love to tie their nuts to a battery and waterboard them. But that is was 3rd world countries do, not the US.

    If you are happy to resort to acting as a 3rd world country please move to Texas and help Rick Perry with his cries for secession while begging for Federal Help with Swine Flu

    • Wow you seemed to have conducted your own investigation…and know more than the rest of us. Except I like to deal in facts “dude.” That Rummy and Cheney, and “tortured” to find a reason for war, etc etc, are actual what an intelligent person calls “conclusion with no foundation” other than some blather from liberal talking points or blogs. Cheney, Rummy and Bush, wanted all children in the U.S. to die and are the cause of the swine flu. Grow the reasoning part of your brain and speak in factual terms.

      • jaike

        Um its called what CIA and FBI interrogators have stated. Last I checked they dont care who is in office.

        Secondly, the conservative blogosphere seems to be saying that Obama planned swine flu for population control and/or push national health care.

      • sparkyholden

        Actually four CIA Directors have said it was NOT and that it yielded life saving information. These are both Directors appointed by Republican and Democrat leaders. I don’t think or blame Obama for swine flu and I think whoever poses that, Liberal or Conservative is a loon.

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