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AP Article on Barack Obama’s First 100 Days Should be on the Editorial Opinion Pages

There is an AP article purportedly examining the annointed one’s first 100 days in office

The article was, not suprisingly, wholly positive. That is fine, although it probably should have been written as an editorial opinion piece rather than a “news” article as the tone of the article ioozes not merely positivism, but idolatry for the messiah. However, one quote particularly caught my eye, it was the quote of “expert” James Thurber. Thurber was not cited as a biased “political hack” expert, but merely an “expert on the presidency” an apolitical and benign description of him. Thurber’s quote does not need repeating just say “Barack Obama is the second coming” and that is all you need to know about what this unbiased expert said about the first 100 days of BO.

I decided to look up who Dr. James A Thurber was and his credentials to be a card carrying member of the “we are smarter than everyone else liberal intellgentsia.” Here is what I found:

“Dr. Thurber has served in government as a Legislative Assistant to the late U.S. Senator Hubert H. Humphrey (Minnesota) [Liberal Democrat] and U.S. Representative James G. O’Hara (Michigan)[Democrat]. He has been involved in congressional reorganization efforts, serving as a Senior Staff Analyst for U.S. Representative David Obey [Liberal Democrat] and the Commission on Administrative Review of the U.S. House of Representatives and for U.S. Senator Adlai Stevenson, III [Liberal Democrat]”

What do these politicians that James Thurber worked, excuse me “served” with, all have in common? Hmmm let me think. I will leave it to the reader to find the commonality of Thurber’s associations in politics.

 In their written journalistic standards AP purportedlyrequires objectivity. Was the perfect objective apolitical person to comment on the Messiah’s first 100 days  James A. Thurber? AP your allegedly deep commitment to objectivity is a joke. Just consign you releases to the various editorial opinon pages across the country and stop trying to be a news organization.  The game is up.



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A Few Contradictions from O’Bama’s Post Summit Press Conference

In about 30 seconds of President O’Bama’s post summit press conference I found contradictions in his statements.

When questioned about how it may look politicially that he was “cozying” up to Marxist Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez, Obama stated he doesn’t care about the politics. He further reaffirmed his “there is no harm in talking to any country” mantra, even if that country is overtly hostile to the U.S.

Then he was asked about the U.S. boycotting the International Conference on Racism. The U.S. is apparently boycotting the conference because of the many Arab nations which want to define Zionism as racism.

Obama doesn’t care about politics? The reason this conference is being boycotted is because to attend such a conference will anger the Jewish American electorate, and Israel. This begs questions to Obama such as, “What happened to the “no harm in talking countries we disagree with” mantra? What happened to not caring about politics?

Why aren’t these “Obama Doctrines” being applied to our attendance or boycotting of the Conference on Racism?

These were rhetorical questions of course. The answer is that this president cares almost exclusively about politics and will do, and say, whatever is politically expedient at the time.


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